Bid/Proposal Schedules
SMC will develop summary schedules for bid day from the RFP documents.

Baseline Schedule Development
SMC will build your contract baseline based on the contract documents, plans, specifications, and in consultation with your project team.  The baseline schedule will include the CPM schedule, summary reports and a written narrative.

Cost & Resource Loading
SMC can populate your schedule with cost, material, and labor resources to meet contract requirements, facilitate crew size tracking, and measure earned value.

Schedule Updates & Maintenance
SMC will facilitate the regular updating of your CPM schedule with your project team, generate reports, draft narratives, and provide look ahead for upcoming work and potential issues.

What-If Scenarios
Plans change.  SMC can generate what-if scenario schedules to explore mitigation strategies, alternate workflows and more.



Master Schedule Development
SMC will create a master plan to track all the projects within a program, incorporate contractor schedules, and integrate the entitlement and permitting process.  The Master Schedule will facilitate communication between all stakeholders and ensure short term deliverables and the long-term plan stay on track.

Schedule Specification Writing
A robust scheduling specification ensures both parties are working to the same expectation.  SMC will tailor the specification needs to ensure consistency across all your projects.

Program Schedule Management
SMC will make sure that the program schedule stays up-to-date, involved parties provide relevant and standardized information, and provide executive reports and summaries of potential issues.

Project Schedule Reviews
Ensure that the schedules submitted by contractors meet the contract requirements and specifications, contain key information, and can be integrated into the master schedule.  SMC’s review will also include an analysis of alleged delays, potential future impacts, and BI reports for the Owner.



P6 Hosting – No Upfront License Cost
SMC can load your schedules into the P6 cloud for no upfront fees, instant scalability, seamless user management, no administrative upkeep, and integrated reporting.

Automatic BI Reporting
SMC can ensure that your stakeholders receive the information they need delivered to their inbox.  SMC will work with your company to identify the key stakeholders, define the information they need, and deploy an automated reporting suite.



Delay Entitlement & Damages
Sometimes projects take longer than planned.  SMC’s schedule experts will analyze the project documents to determine entitlement and quantum and prepare reports and presentations to put the best case forward.

Labor Productivity Analysis
A reduction in labor productivity can lead to large financial losses on a project.  SMC will use your data to build an analysis of labor productivity loss causes and quantum using industry leading techniques such as the Earned Value Method.

Contractor Claim Reviews
SMC’s experts can review submitted contractor claims relating to delay, disruption, and productivity losses for entitlement and quantum and mount an appropriate defense to provide an equitable resolution to disputes.

Forensic Schedule Analysis
SMC’s experts will analyze the project record to develop a forensic analysis of the Critical Path delays to the project and provide compelling narratives and graphics to demonstrate the findings.

Expert Witnesses
SMC’s testifying experts are prepared to support or defend against claims arising due to delay, disruptions, and labor productivity.  Our experts have experience testifying in a variety of forums including AAA arbitration, Dispute Resolution Boards, and litigation.

Dispute Resolution Services
SMC’s experts can also serve as neutrals to mediate complex delay and productivity related disputes.


Schedule Training
SMC can provide in-person, live virtual, and on-demand training on a variety of topics including scheduling fundamentals, P6 mechanics, advanced scheduling techniques, resource management, delay analysis and more.  Contact us to arrange a training to meet your needs.

Online Video Training

Swinerton has realized that the construction industry is suffering from a lack of comprehensive planning and scheduling training.  Therefore, we designed and built this training course around Oracle’s Primavera P6 to use our scheduling team’s particular expertise to solve that lack and further our mission.

With our logically organized, easy-to-digest training course, clients can learn about everything from establishing personal/company setups within the system to create and update a project schedule to creating specialized BI reports with the information they’ve entered.  The training course includes thorough instructions for how to add, customize, and use practically any function that clients might find relevant for building a schedule.  In addition, the course specifically indicates methods that are considered “best practices,” so clients always know the methods that Swinerton finds particularly effective.


Michael Murphy

VP, Corporate Manager of Project Controls, Scheduling & Claims Management

Ramtin Malek

Senior Associate Scheduling/Claims