Swinerton Management & Consulting (SMC) is a consulting firm that provides a wide-range of capital improvement program, project and construction expertise, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

As former managers of capital improvement programs, we understand the many dynamics associated with communicating with elected officials, managing community expectations, responding to construction issues, and more importantly—anticipating potential issues.

The experience of our staff on public projects enables us to proactively look ahead, and minimizes unwanted surprises.


Swinerton Management & Consulting was established in 1994 to assist clients with strategic advice and management of their design and construction programs and projects.

As a member of the Swinerton family of companies – a consistently ranked ENR Top 20 General Contractor based enterprise – we are able to bring to our clients a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure that our clients are successful.


SMC brings the sophistication and the bonding capacity of a large general contractor in the form of a specialized and nimble trade partner.

Value and Leverage

Funding for capital improvements is always limited, and as such, they need to be leveraged to achieve the highest value possible. Swinerton understands this and works hard to stretch dollars as far as possible.


 Swinerton honors the commitments that it makes. When we give our word, we honor our word and conduct ourselves in a professional manner with the highest degree of integrity.


Swinerton Management & Consulting believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Volunteering, community service and giving are part of who we are. Swinerton has long been dedicated to positively impacting our industry, our communities, and our employees. 


Swinerton is committed to sustainable design and construction and is a recognized industry leader in green buildings and renewable energy. Our commitment to sustainable design includes staff education, training and a commitment to have staff become LEED accredited.

Prioritizing Project Needs

One of the critical components of success is to align proposed projects with your vision and program budget. Our methodology is to achieve this alignment early in the planning process and to provide flexibility where flexibility is required for emerging and evolving needs.

Disruption Management

Minimizing impacts is critical and involves good planning, communication and execution. Maintaining accessible paths of travel to each building, parking for faculty, staff and clients, contractor staging and construction worker parking are just some of the many elements that need to be balanced and implemented.