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Swinerton Builders has been an active leader in the construction industry for over 130 years. Throughout that time, we’ve worked to remain on the cutting edge of construction technology—we were among the early adopters of cloud-based scheduling software.  Our mission is to be the preferred builder and trusted partner in every venture that we pursue.  Swinerton has realized that the construction industry is suffering from a lack of comprehensive planning and scheduling training.  Therefore, we designed and built this training course around Oracle’s Primavera P6 to use our scheduling team’s particular expertise to solve that lack and further our mission.

With our logically organized, easy-to-digest training course, clients can learn about everything from establishing personal/company setups within the system to create and update a project schedule to creating specialized BI reports with the information they’ve entered.  The training course includes thorough instructions for how to add, customize, and use practically any function that clients might find relevant for building a schedule.  In addition, the course specifically indicates methods that are considered “best practices,” so clients always know the methods that Swinerton finds particularly effective.

Clients can leverage this training to build and maintain transparent, trackable schedules for every step in a project, perform regular updates to track potential delays and disruptions.  Clients can also learn how to implement What-If Schedules in such situations to identify different mitigation efforts and clearly demonstrate to owners the impacts of different options.

Completing this course will help you:

Regardless of your needs, Swinerton’s planning and scheduling course will strengthen your company’s scheduling skills.

Learning Path

This module will guide you through building a schedule from the ground up – soup to nuts.  The module begins by orienting the scheduler with software basics and walks the scheduler through building their schedule.

This module will guide you through maintaining and sharing schedules to ensure that the schedule remains a living document and accurate planning tool.

This module will teach you the mechanics of setting up and maintaining a database within the software, from establishing the structure of projects and information within it to best practices for keeping it organized.  Creating database standards will ensure you stay organized as your company grows.

This module will teach you the mechanics of BI Reporting and the wide array of information that BI Reporting can track and share for any interested party within a company.

Adding resources to a schedule allows you to track manpower, costs, equipment, and materials.  This module will teach you the specifics of establishing and utilizing resources on schedules in the software.

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