Orange Memorial Park Receives APWA & CASQA Awards

Congratulations to the City of South San Francisco for their award-winning Orange Memorial Park Storm Water Capture project. Swinerton Management & Consulting (SMC) served as the project’s construction manager for the City. In June of this year, the City’s Project received the “Environmental/Park; $5M-$25M Project” award and “Project of the Year” award from the American Public Works Association-Silicon Valley chapter (APWA). In August, the project received an “Outstanding Stormwater Capture and Use Project” award from the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA). Construction for the Project began in early 2021 and was completed in May 2022. This regional stormwater capture project is the first in Northern California. The project diverts all dry-weather flow and the first flush of urban stormwater runoff from Colma Creek into an underground system integrated within Orange Memorial Park. Once water is diverted into the park, the system treats the water to remove trash, debris, and sediment. A large cistern under the future sports fields stores water for further treatment and disinfection so it can be used to meet irrigation and other non-potable demands, saving over 15 million gallons of potable water per year. When full, the cistern overflows into an infiltration gallery which recharges 55 million gallons of groundwater annually. For the second phase of this project, the Orange Memorial Park baseball fields will be renovated into a sports complex with artificial turf, sports lights, scoreboards, and a concessions building for baseball, softball, and soccer. SMC will continue as construction manager for the phase 2 Orange Memorial Park Sports Field project.