In 1994, Terry Bush, the founding president of Swinerton Management & Consulting, presented an idea to the executives at Swinerton to start a professional services initiative. This was a strategy to move closer towards the project initiation stages of a project, and to provide leadership in creating design and construction Teams that aligned with a client’s project goals and aspirations.

25 years later, Swinerton Management & Consulting is as strong as ever, providing our clients with professional services to meet their project hopes, desires and dreams. With more than 60 Team members, in six offices, managing projects throughout the western United States, in four primary market sectors, we are proud to live Swinerton’s core values of Integrity, Leadership, Passion and Excellence.

As members of the Swinerton family, we are proud to be partners with our colleagues across the country as we aspire to be a trusted partner to our clients. The diversity of our staff, and their professionalism are a true testament to who we are and what we can bring to a client.

As we celebrate our silver anniversary, I want to especially thank those that were part of Swinerton Management & Consulting from almost the very beginning: Dennis Wong, John Baker, Lissette Morales, and Myrna Wagner – all with over 20 years of service at Swinerton Management & Consulting.

In looking forward, we will continue to provide the best client service possible, and help our clients realize their project potential. Thank you to our business partners, Swinerton colleagues, team members, and most importantly our clients for 25 years of history.

We look forward to building on our past and creating a future for generations to come.

Jeff Gee, AIA, Vice President
Division Manager │General Manager
Swinerton Management & Consulting