On September 24, Swinerton Management & Consulting (SMC) celebrated the ribbon cutting of our U.S. 101 Willow Road Interchange Replacement Project along with the City of Menlo Park and Caltrans. Construction began in May 2017 and completed in August 2019.

The new overpass has been widened to four traffic lanes by adding a new lane in each direction. Diagonal ramps were also widened to four lanes to allow more traffic storage, reducing the chance of traffic backups onto the freeway. The new ramps are equipped with carpool bypass lanes and metering. Two cloverleaf ramps were replaced with a “partial cloverleaf” to help move traffic away from the overpass to reduce congestion and weaving. Sidewalks, bike lanes, and additional protected bicycle paths in each direction were also added. The project cost is $71 Million.

The original cloverleaf interchange was built in 1955 and has worked well for decades but can no longer handle modern traffic volumes. As traffic increased, merging became difficult, and resulted in “weaving” that caused congestion. The updated “partial cloverleaf” will help relieve congestion and provide for easier merging.

Next, the City will work with the community to conceptualize the landscaping opportunities in that area.

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