Centennial Way Park South Breaks Ground

On February 3, the City of South San Francisco (City), Caltrans and the State of California (State) invited the public to celebrate the groundbreaking of Centennial Way Park South, a new four-acre linear park. The event was well attended and featured remarks by Congressman Kevin Mullin, City Mayor James Coleman, City Council, and representatives of Caltrans and the State.

The Community's Vision

This project is built with community members in mind, turning a previously unused piece of land into an efficient public space featuring an outdoor education area, youth play areas, accessible fitness amenities, barbecue and picnic spaces, and an impressive bike and skate park. In addition, the project also includes planting 100 trees and nearly 6,000 drought resistant shrubs. Last year, the City Council adopted a master plan for amenities along the trail, heavily leaning on public input for more open spaces for residents. A young resident, Jackson Lazari, advocated for a bike park by gathering signatures and speaking at Council meetings. Jackson took time to visit and meet with all the Council members individually to express his vision for local bike and skate park. Previously having to commute to Santa Clara to ride his BMX bike on a pump track, Jackson and other skate and bike enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy a brand new, local bike and skate park. 

An Improved Space For All

Mayor Coleman shared, “Caltrans, through their Clean California program, has generously granted the city $2.4 million dollars in matching funds to support this project.” This project was one of 329 requests for funding received, and one of 105 that was awarded a grant.

“It’s the entirety of Centennial Trail. We are changing, not to just be a destination for people throughout South City and California. We are changing it to be an adventure for anyone here who stops by BART and decides to go up and down. I am so excited to see how Centennial Trail is transforming the lives of South San Francisco residents,” said Mayor Coleman.

Swinerton Management & Consulting is proud to continue supporting the city as Consulting Project Manager on this project. Kudos to the project team: Project Executive Peter Vorametsanti, Senior Project Manager Lissette Morales, Senior Project Engineer Luis Guiulfo, and Project Engineer Matthew MacKenzie.