Orinda Intermediate School Shows Off New Student Services Building​

Orinda Intermediate School’s open house night in California was a vibrant showcase of academic achievement and community spirit. The halls buzzed with excitement as students proudly guided their families through classrooms adorned with colorful displays of their work. Teachers engaged parents with insightful presentations, detailing the curriculum and innovative teaching methods. From science experiments to artistic creations, each corner of the school echoed with the enthusiasm of students eager to share their accomplishments. Parents mingled with faculty and staff, forging connections and gaining insights into their children’s educational journey. As the evening unfolded, it became evident that Orinda Intermediate School isn’t just a place of learning – it’s a nurturing environment where students thrive, supported by dedicated educators and a tight-knit community.

New Student Services Building

Amidst the excitement of Orinda Intermediate School’s open house night, a highlight was the unveiling of the new student services building. Gleaming with its modern architecture and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, it stood as a symbol of the school’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to its students. Parents and visitors marveled at the spaciousness and functionality of the 6,440 square feet of the building, which housed counseling services, academic support resources, and administrative offices all under one roof. The unveiling ceremony was marked by speeches from school administrators, emphasizing the importance of holistic student development and the role of the new building in fostering a supportive learning environment. As families toured the facility, they were impressed by the attention to detail and the thoughtful design elements aimed at enhancing the student experience. The new student services building was not only a testament to the school’s dedication to excellence but also a beacon of hope for the bright futures of its students.

SMC Celebrates With Orinda Union School District

Swinerton Management & Consulting (SMC), serving as the construction manager for the new student services building, brought a wealth of expertise and professionalism to the project, solidifying a promising new relationship with the Orinda Union School District. As the first project completion in a long list of projects, the Swinerton team’s impact was evident in every aspect of the building’s construction, from picking up where the previous construction mangers left off to the final touches. Swinerton’s commitment to quality and collaboration was evident in the seamless integration of the staff into the new facilities. Moreover, their dedication to open communication and transparency ensured that the Orinda Union School District remained closely involved throughout the process, fostering trust and confidence in the partnership. As the doors of the new student services building opened to the community during the open house night, it was clear that Swinerton’s contribution had not only transformed the physical landscape of the school but also paved the way for a fruitful and enduring relationship with the Orinda Union School District.