Millbrae Recreation Center

Millbrae Recreation Center Project Wins Award Of Distinction

Swinerton Management & Consulting’s (SMC) Millbrae Recreation Center project has been recognized with an Award of Distinction at the 2023 DBIA Western Pacific Region Conference in Anaheim, CA. According to DBIA, to be considered for a Regional Design-Build Award, projects must demonstrate successful application of design-build best practices as defined by the DBIA Design Build Manual of Practice. The Award of Distinction recognizes successful analysis of design-build strategies resulting in a unique application of teaming to exceed the owner’s needs. Congratulations to the team on an excellent win!

Project History

In July 2016, the City of Millbrae’s (City) Recreation Center burned to the ground. The City’s Community called their recreation center the ‘Heart’ of the Peninsula. They quickly rallied and raised the necessary funding to build a new recreation center.

SMC was selected to lead the construction of this new facility using the City’s selected delivery method of Design-Bid-Build.  With expert guidance from SMC, the City pivoted to Design-Build delivery to better meet their aggressive budget and schedule. 19 months after breaking ground during the height of the pandemic, the project team delivered the new Millbrae Recreation Center on budget and 51 days ahead of schedule.

The early team integration and cross-collaboration allowed the Design-Build Team to incorporate programming from several different stakeholders into the building’s performance and design. This unified approach identified and employed several innovate solutions, including a unique hybrid structural system which included Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) and Structural Steel. By using the Design-Build method the team was able to secure early approval of CLT, steel and concrete which resulted in timely procurement and fabrication and elimination of further escalation costs experienced by the construction industry at that time.

This all-electric building is highly sustainable and designed to meet Net-Zero emissions standards, featuring energy-efficient insulation, high performance glazing with sunshades, and stormwater bioretention systems that recharge the groundwater aquifers. This building is also “smart”. The robust HVAC system includes an innovate “Epidemic Mode” and both the HVAC and lighting systems can be controlled remotely and further increases the building’s performance.

The success of the Millbrae Recreation Center can be attributed directly to conscientious and forward-thinking teamwork using the Design-Build delivery. Together, we delivered an inspirational Design-Build project which has won DBIA’s 2023 Award of Distinction.